How to Create Powerful Characters That Will Ignite Passion in the Readers of Your Novel

You’ve got an idea for a novel, something you’ve either been thinking about for a while, or perhaps an idea that has recently been growing in your mind. Something you are sure that will eventually become a story. A written novel that will not only be published, but also read and enjoyed by many. Perhaps reading this article is your first step in a new successful career as a novelist.

One absolute key to writing a successful novel is developing strong and believable characters. Human characters that your readers will identify with. Good guys in whose shoes your readers can imagine themselves. Good guys that are forced into situations and pushed to their limits, and are so believable and human that your readers will go right there with them นิยายY.

Being pushed to their limits is one key to writing a strong character. Your main protagonist must operate at maximum capacity. He or she must be completely stretched to their level of skill in whatever area. If they are fighting a monster with a samurai sword, they must use a combination of skills they’ve never used before. If they are dueling with the devil in a guitar competition, they must play notes and chords that they had always thought were beyond what they were capable of. If they are to give a stirring speech to save a life, or rally the troops, they must reach deep inside and face and conquer emotions that stretch them to their emotional limit.

Your job as a writer is to provide catharsis for your readers. To take them through emotional highs and lows that they don’t normally encounter in every day life. When you write believable characters that are pushed to their capacity, and then some, your novels will be read, enjoyed, and praised.

One of the most widely used ways to increase your passion for writing, and your skills, is to consistently read what others are writing. Many best selling authors acknowledge that a substantial amount of their ideas and techniques are inspired by regularly reading the works of others. It is no secret that being able to learn from others is the quickest path to success in any field.

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